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Asiatic Lions: Conservation Success and Conflict

Asiatic Lions

When most of us think or hear of lions we think of the African continent; where else do lions roam? In past centuries they covered most of Africa and from Greece to the southern Black Sea, throughout the Middle East and the Arabian Peninsula, and into northeast India. They had quite a large range and enjoyed the role of apex predator across it for many centuries. The Asiatic lion (Panthera leo persica) is genetically distinct from its African cousin, and today can only be found in the Gir Forest of western India.

At the end of the 19th century, they numbered only about 13 individuals an alarmingly low number. The reason for the remarkable decline in numbers and range can be linked directly to 2000 years of human expansion and hunting across their historic range. The elites of many cultures, including the Romans, Persians, Mughals, and the British, pursued these predators to the very precipice of extinction. While direct hunting eliminated individuals from the gene pool, human conversion of habitat to agricultural use eliminated suitable habitat as well as the lions prey species.

Asiatic lions strongly resemble African lions but they are slightly smaller, with males weighing 350-420 pounds and females weighting 240-265 pounds. In their hot, arid climate, reproduction is influenced by availability of prey species and by the occurrence of drought. As a result, they generally breed year round with births peaking from February to April. The gestation period for this subspecies of lion is roughly 110-116 days, and liters range from 1 to 5 cubs and are strongly linked to nutrition and water availability. Prides are usually much smaller than their African counterparts, averaging 3 to 6 lionesses, compared with African prides of as many as 20 individuals.

Nawab Rasulkanji, a prince of the Gir district, enacted restrictions on the Gir lions on the Kathiawar Peninsula around 1900. He and his ruling British counterparts enjoyed hunting big cats of the Indian subcontinent, but fortunately, the prince recognized the necessity of action. In 1965 in the Gujarat district, the Gir Wildlife Sanctuary was established. Today the Gir Forest, Wildlife Sanctuary, and surrounding Protected Area (PA) encompass about 550 square miles. It may sound like a large area, but for a big carnivore, it means that a finite number of these big cats are now marooned in their precious Gir Forest by a ubiquitous sea of humanity.

The Gir Lion Project can be counted as a great success, says Dr. Ravi Chellam, a preeminent biologist and Asiatic Lion researcher. The lion population in Gir today numbers approximately 430 individuals. Lions have enjoyed protection and restoration practices so much that they are now spilling out into the surrounding country side where they regularly conflict with humans. Within the PA, lions naturally prey upon chital (spotted deer), sambar (sambaaru deer), nilgai, (the largest of the Asian antelope) and wild boar. They also prey upon livestock of the Maldhari tribesmen both inside and outside the PA.

The Maldhari are a seminomadic pastoralist ethnic group which has coexisted with Asiatic lions, leopards, and other predator species on the peninsular for over 1000 years. They have accepted that some loss of livelihood will result from predation. The contention these modern-day pastoralist have is with the government mandated relocation policy of Maldhari families and their livestock to areas outside the PA. In order to rehabilitate the Gir forest, allow for prey species to increase, and allocate room for lions to reproduce, a similar human rehabilitation effort was mandated to cease damage to the forest created by the presence of livestock and people. To date, about 70% of Maldhari families and their livestock have been relocated outside the Gir PA thats about 3500 people and about 17,500 head of cattle, goats, and camels. Such relocations still take place today, and it remains a source of elevated human/lion conflict, where there was much less before.

The continued success of the Gir Lion Project and the future incidence of human/lion conflict are uncertain. Biologists like Dr. Chellam have advocated for the establishment of satellite lion populations as a safety net for the Asiatic lion. The fear is that a natural disaster or disease outbreak, such as the African lion canine distemper outbreak in the Serengeti, might wipe out the entire recovery effort. Satellite populations would ensure that this didnt happen. Of course this opens old wounds with the possibility of more human relocation efforts on the horizon.

For now, efforts to relocate lions to establish satellite populations are progressing slowly. Strategically, this could be a good thing. Broader public support for lion relocation and a management system that bestows some degree of ownership to the Maldhari would go a long way toward reaching harmonious outcomes. Without it, one thing will remain; conservation-induced displacement of humans without benefit will erode public support of this and other conservation initiatives.


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Shortened School Days for Students With Autism

Shortened School Days f


Many parents of children with autism have to deal with the fact that their childs school often calls them at work because their child had a meltdown at school. They often demand that the parents come to get the child immediately and take him home. This often leads to shortened school days for prolonged periods of time as the school administrators claim that they dont have the resources to deal with the childs behaviour, and the safety of staff and other students are at risk.

This practice does not align with the Education Act, The Individuals with Disabilities Act, or the Human Rights Code.

Shortened school days or part-time attendance should be a plan agreed upon by both the parents and the school and must only be for the benefit of the student to meet the needs of the student not because of a lack of resources at the school. One example of this would be if the student were medically fragile and could not physically manage a full day at school. Another example is if the student is attending another program such IBI part-time, or is gradually transitioning from the IBI program to a full day at school. It would be acceptable for the school to call the parents to take the child home if the child is sick. However, if the child has had a bad behaviour day, or several bad behaviour days, due to meltdowns, even if it includes aggression, it is not acceptable for the child to be informally, or formally suspended from school, since the behaviour is likely a symptom of the disability (autism in this case).

So how to address this? Be proactive. Request that a Behaviour Intervention or Safety Plan be developed and implemented. It should include the following:

·A description of the students behaviour concern.

·A list of triggers or factors that may cause anxiety or agitation which lead to the behaviour of concern.

·Strategies and accommodations, including the level of support, that needs to be in place in order to reduce the incidence of anxiety or agitation.

·Signs to look for that would indicate that there is an increase in anxiety or agitation.

·Actions to be taken by staff immediately when an unsafe behaviour is occurring, such as: separate student from peers, remove student from the situation, call for extra help, etc.

·How to respond when the behaviour is over, such as: documentation, reporting to parents, review the plan what worked,what didnt, what needs to change

·A list of common incorrect responses by staff during and after the bhaviour that may maintain or worsen the behaviour (such as sending the child home).

·Program goals to be included in the IEP that would lead to reduced anxiety, such as in the areas of communication, sensory integration, and social skills.

If this plan is developed and implemented as soon as possible when the child with autism starts in a new placement at school, suspensions and shortened school days can be avoided.

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