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Sending Humans to Mars Its Time

Sending Humans to Mars

Some say it is too dangerous to send humans to Mars, and far too costly to set up a Martian colony. To this I say baloney, and I cant believe we havent already done it. I was told when I was a young man, that by now we would have many people living on Mars, and Moon colonies. We dont yet, and I really cant believe it. What happened? Did America lose its will? Sometimes I think so, and we forgot that we are a nation who believes in curiosity, scientific discovery, and exploration. Okay so lets talk?

You see, humans have been sending probes, satellites, and rovers to Mars for quite a while. Thats fine, but we have the technology to send humans safely, and enough knowledge now to create systems which will allow them to survive on the red planet. Because we can, is why we should. No, its not going to be easy, but isnt that the point of it? Its a challenge, one which we have run away from, rather than run towards. I find this completely unacceptable, and as an American I am embarrassed for my country. We are better than this.

In October of 1960 the first probe to Mars was launched by the USSR, they tried throughout the 60s and 70s. Finally mankind got a device to the surface of Mars but it crash landed this was in 1971. Trial and error continued, and some of the orbiting probes did send back information. You may not realize this but NASAs JPL sent a probe sent back pictures and data in 1965. NASAs Viking Project in 1975 scored big time with two satellites and two landers, success!

Id like to take this opportunity recommend an article Return to Mars by Dennis L. Mammana, and also to view the WikiPedia page titled; Exploration of Mars. Now then, long about 18-years NASA launched another mission in 1992 it failed, but they learned a lot and in 1997 and eventually mapped the entire surface of the planet with massive amounts of data. Throughout the turn of the century, weve gathered enough information and had enough success, that we are now ready to send humans to Mars. I ask, what are we waiting for? Its time!

Why do I say this, well, like you Ive been very excited about NASAs latest rover and mission, and Id say weve proved we can get there, we know how to make this work, we have the smartest people around, so lets do it. Do it now. Its time perhaps to by Nike Shoes, Olympic Track shoes for all NASA employees and have a giant banner across the room that says; Just Do It which is Nikes most popular most famously trademarked and branded quote. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.