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May 2013
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Electronics and Communication The future of technology

Electronics and Communication

A glance around will make you realize that gadgets are growing smaller, communication is becoming faster and technology is advancing quicker by the day. Every gadget you use in the day-to-day life ranging from cell phones to computers has shrunk with every passing day. What you dont realize is that with the shrinking devices, the internal hardware is growing even smaller. The motherboards have shrunk and the microchips have literally become invisible. This is possible only with the help of electronics and communication engineering.

Study of core electronic subjects in the field of electronics and communication prepares an individual to pursue a career in this field. The students need to learn the basics of engineering mathematics, physics and engineering drawings in the initial stages. After getting a hook of the basics, the students move towards the basics of the core subjects. Electronic circuits, power electronics, signals and systems, integrated circuits and more form the second stage of the learning curve. How does all this influence technology? Every electronic device requires a software interface to run along with other controlling programs written for the execution of actions on the devices. As the dependence of technology on electronic devices continues to grow by the day, electronics and communications continues to become a vital part of future technology.

What seems like a simple chipset on a motherboard is a work of several well designed electronic communication engineering concepts. As the technology needs increase, it becomes vital for the engineers to design more efficient chipsets on a smaller device. The microprocessors and peripherals have to be precisely designed to meet the future needs of technology. Electronics communication engineering plays an important role in designing these micro-controllers which help in effective communication. Complex network circuits are designed by electronic and communication engineers. Powerful digital controllers are designed by these engineers to help the software run on the devices. Although software programs play an important role in advancing technology, electronics & communication engineering are instrumental in providing the hardware required for these software programs to run.

Students and professionals in the field of electronics and communication can gain considerable advantage by enrolling for electronics and communication courses and programs in universities which specialize in these courses. University of Technology and Management offers B.Tech Electronics and Communication for students who are determined to make a rewarding career in this field. The courses are well designed according to industry standards and emerging and future technologies to provide a holistic engineering education to the students. The specialization courses help the students to achieve expertise and gain an edge in the global industry.

Research and development across the world is focused towards getting the maximum efficiency by designing smarter products in electronics and communications. A good engineering education can train the student to develop the required skills and thus help them in the future. Global industry is dependent as much on electronics and communication as much as it is on technology. Electronics and communication engineering could pave the way for the future of technology in the years to come and contribute to the overall growth substantially.