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May 2013
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Transition Year Ideas Learn Spanish

Learn Spanish

Having a second language like Spanish on your CV can open up a lot of doors on the job front because this is one of the languages that is spoken in many countries of the world. Students who choose to spend some time in Spain during their transition year find the experience to be really worthwhile and extremely enjoyable. Not only do you get to spend a little time in a country that has a lovely climate and culture, but you also get to live the life of a Spanish student and all the fun social experiences that goes with it. A transition year learn Spanish course is something that many Irish students are now realising the value of.

There are over 400 million native Spanish speaking people in the world with Spanish being the fourth most commonly spoken language on the planet. In the US, the Phillipines and even in Africa, you find that Spanish is spoken both as a first and second language by many of the people who live in all of these countries and continents.

There are some great Spanish courses to choose from, all of which have been specifically designed for Irish students to take part in. The best part is that each of the partnership schools in Spain has been carefully selected to be a part of the exchange schemes so you know they have been very carefully vetted.

Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced student whos preparing for your Leaving Certificate exam, there is a programme for you that uses all the latest education techniques and resources. The educational environments you study in whether in Spain or in another country, are safe and you get all the support you need when you study abroad. This of course, means not only do you have a great time but you get the best results to boot.

Which Region of Spain Would You Choose

There are some gorgeous regions of Spain to choose from but the one thing you will need to consider are the regional accents which can differ quite a lot from area to area. You need to check this sort of thing out before you make your final decision as to where you would like to spend your time studying the language. This is one factor to think about if you have already achieved a certain level because dialects can make a huge difference to someone who is not used to them but who has a vague notion of the language.

What Kind of Language Lessons Are On Offer?

There are lots of Spanish lessons to choose from and this includes things like shorter term programmes lasting only from 2 to 4 weeks. Most exchange programmes offer flexible start dates all the year round so this is something else you need to consider when planning your stay in Spain. You normally have the choice of staying in a youth residence which is great fun, or you might prefer staying with a host family which means you get totally immersed in the culture and the Spanish way of life.

Lots Of International Students Attend Spanish Courses in Spain

You get to study with many other international students when you take a course abroad and it really doesnt matter if you are a total beginner or an advanced language student because there is a programme to suit all levels. You can also decide just how intensive you would like your lessons to be. This means you can choose how many lessons you have in any one day or you may choose to take it a bit slower.

Of course, one of the real bonuses is that you are totally immersed in the language when you spend any time in Spain. This applies to out-of-school hours too because you can sign up for excursions and other activities during the time you are over there studying the language. This is a great way of getting totally involved in the way of life and culture of the country you are visiting and the results are very beneficial.

You also get the option of enrolling into a special Leaving Cert preparation course when you attend a school in Spain and really helps you when you come to sit your final Leaving Certificate exam. Pass rates have been seen to improve when you take the preparation course during your stay in Spain so this is something definitely worth factoring in to your studying plans abroad.

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